5 Reasons to go Bird Watching with a Knowledgable Professional Guide

Whooper Swan at Lake Kussharo


You have a better chance to see Japanese cranes, Steller’s sea-eagles and white-tailed eagles. We have some special observing spots that few people know about. Your guide will also take you to places where you can to see birds like Ural and short-eared owls. These amazing birds are difficult to find when trying to search for them on your own.


As your guide only takes small groups of people, you can observe birds quietly and frequently.


If you wish, your guide will be able to advise you on the shooting position, composition and exposure for your nature photos.


In Rausu, Shiretoko where weather conditions and the amount of the drift ice changes, a lot of people end up wasting precious time waiting around. We minimize this risk by having close contact with the charter boat captain. In case it is not possible to go cruising, the guide can still take you to alternate locations to see Steller’s sea-eagles and white-tailed eagles.


We have a lot of experience driving on the winter roads of Hokkaido. Sometimes we have blizzards here. Your guide can make the best judgments to ensure your safety.

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