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In Hickory Wind we offer various services to professionals in various industries. Since it corresponds flexibly, please consult us first.

Please also contact us with the following inquiry form for requesting coverage, lecture and writing.


To advertising agent / video production company


Guide, support for location, shooting, etc. in Hokkaido, TV, CM, advertisement etc.

We will respond to your request to shoot such things and such things. (English correspondence possible)


· Natural landscape · Guided photography of wild animals (including preliminary survey of time and weather)

· Still, accompany movie photographer

· Canoe rowing with shooting equipment

· Ainu culture and coverage for key figures

· Introduction of local food and specialties · local cuisine

· Provide photos and animation materials



To travel agencies and group customers


We are accepting group bookings, tours, reservations, and reservations at any time. Available number of people · Correspondence of car · Please inquire beforehand such as cuisine and available time zone.


· Nature guide in English

· Original tour suitable for age group and time

· Transfer from Kushiro Airport, JR Kushiro Station

· Record and present the experiences during the tour in photos or videos



· For public and educational institutions


We also offer performances on school excursions, educational practice, nature guides and natural education.


· Nature experiences guide on school trips both domestically and abroad

· Concert for students' natural education

· About accommodation industry and how to work guide in Hokkaido





Input contents · Communication line

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I sent an inquiry.

We will contact you for further details later.


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