A museum about living alongside the marshland.

The award-winning photographs of Makoto Ando, potteriers that he collects from all over Japan, guitars, motorbikes, whiskies and other objects are exhibited. There are also special exhibitions, concerts and talk shows by various artists. Please contact us for more details.


Natures's Best Photography

Second consecutive award


Cranes work exhibited at the Smithsonian museum in Washington, D.C.

Each award-winning work including "SnowWhite" is displayed in the gallery.


16 photos taken carefully

Working as a natural photographer with the Nature Guide,

Here's the camera "Daily Miracles" in the East E area.


Buy photos

The real thing calls the real thing

Bike life from teens.

I met you genuine, I met you

There are people and thoughts.


In love with a guitar

A music party that begins at night.

"Music" will connect us regardless of the border.


Superb article

A world of craftsmen who are said to have no end of practice.

Exhibits works unrelated to others who forged many years of training.

We sell part of the work by hand at the gallery.




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