There are many activities for you to enjoy the whole year through in eastern Hokkaido. For photography enthusiasts and even beginner, we offer fun and informative camera lectures by a professional. Bring your own camera and prepare to discover something new. (Compact cameras OK.)



From 2 people ¥18,000~

※Available for 1, upon request

Why not try a canoe trip? You can enjoy the workings of nature and the life of animals and plants from the waters. Feel free to simply drift along in the waters. You can also take photographs as you go. Nature changes every minute, meaning you can enjoy it any season, any time.

Nature Observation from Spring to Autumn

From 1 person¥18,000~

Spring — When the frozen landscape begins to awaken with new life. Summer — Enjoying a lovely breeze off the water as you canoe down the Kushiro River. Autumn — When the forest sets itself ablaze with dazzling colors. Every year nature keeps its promise to ignite our senses with each changing season. Come and experience the wonder.

Shiretoko - Rause Areas

From the brown bears revered as gods of nature-rich mountains to killer whales being seen as gods of the sea to Blakiston’s fish owls serving as the guardian god of villages, this is a sacred land of gods. Our hearts beat to the sound of salmon gliding through water and ice drifts from the Far East River Amur.

From 1 person¥30,000~

Canoe under the stars

Nature Observation in Winter

The Milky Way and shooting stars reflected on the water, the night call of owls, whisper of the trees and the sound of wind moving through the silence. The nocturnal symphony helps guide you to another world. Come experience this unforgettable night with your loved ones.

Winter — When the pure white snow falls like a soft blanket on the earth. Come witness the loving dance of Japanese cranes above the snow or a sighting of the endearing Ural owl. The eastern side of Hokkaido provides you with the best winter. It will truly be an experience you won’t soon forget.

From 1 person ¥20,000~

From 1 person¥18,000~

Special Sanctuary Trekking

In the deepest parts of the Kushiro marshlands, Japanese cranes are said to watch over it, creating a special sanctuary. Open not only your eyes to the wonder, but your heart as well as you trek through it. Come witness ordinary miracles here.

From 1 person¥18,000~

Snowshoes Trekking

Stepping on the pure white  powder snow without sinking into it can feel luxurious. You may find Steller’s sea eagles or the common raven. Even beginners can enjoy it light-heartedly with our support.

From 1 person¥19,000~



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