Hickory Wind Guides Ando & Uemura Profiles

Makoto Ando

Makoto Ando
Makoto Ando was born in Sapporo Hokkaido in 1964 and has lived in the village of Tsurui for 25 years.
While running his wilderness lodge accommodation, Hickory Wind, Makoto Ando works as a guide taking guests the Kushiro Marshlands providing information and stories about the Kushiro Marsh from a variety of perspectives.
He also takes guests to Alaska USA once a year in winter to see bald eagles and a variety of other wildlife.

Mr. Ando is:
A certified professional Hokkaido outdoor guide
A recognized Hokkaido Japanese crane(tancho) support ranger
A Shiretoko volunteer guide and ranger
A certificate holder from the Environmental Education Program
“Project Wild”

Makoto Ando is a lover of nature and music. He occasionally holds music concerts at his lodge and has had many guest performers including Geoff Muldour and Amos Garett.

Tomohiro Uemura

Tomohiro Uemura was born and raised in Japan. Mr. Uemura has lived abroad in the United States and Canada.
He obtained an International Relations Degree from the American University in Washington DC and the Ritsumekan University in Kyoto Japan.

It was while working in Yukon Canada for two years as a nature Aurora guide that Tomohiro Uemura began talking nature photos.

Mr. Uemura returned to Japan and has lived in Tsurui Village for 2 years.
He is a support guide at Hickory Wind Wilderness Lodge as well as a nature photographer.

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